How have you selected a site for your next project? And how will societal shifts from the pandemic affect your strategy?

It would be great to do one of our projects in Beverly Hills or San Francisco, but we can’t because there just isn’t the land. So we end up in more rural or underpopulated areas: the minimum property acreage would be 450 to 500 acres for us; the Yellowstone [Club] is 14,000.

We made a conscious decision about five years ago to go to tax-free states, so we’ve made big commitments to Las Vegas, Nashville and Austin. They have become hotbeds, not just for locals moving there, but we’re getting a big influx of Californians to Las Vegas, for example.

We have a big project we’re starting near Jupiter, Fla. If we were open today, we’d sell out overnight; so many people on the East Coast are moving there.

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