tracks El Salvador’s economy and housing market. That, paired with the economy’s anticipated growth and infrastructure improvements, makes it a good place to invest, he said.

“My point of view is there is a great opportunity right now to buy houses in El Salvador, especially because the prices are down because of the pandemic and also because right now in the political sense they are stable. I think it’s a good opportunity for investors, especially because El Salvador is a small country, but it is a country with great opportunities.”

Mr. Ramirez said that in the past six months, 60 percent of his agency’s buyers were domestic, down from about 75 percent before the pandemic.

Mr. Varquero said buyers of beach properties in El Salvador over the past two years have been evenly split between local and international. About a third of the foreigners came from the United States, with the rest coming from Germany, France and Holland, among other countries.

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