SmartScore certification introduced by WiredScore last week includes cybersecurity qualifications and has already been embraced by dozens of large global landlords.

But it can be tempting to expand occupancy tracking, said Doug Stewart, head of digital advisory at Cushman & Wakefield. “Is it important to know there are three people in a conference room, or who those three people are?” he said. “The slippery slope is when we start naming names.”

Still, others believe that building data can help inform the design of the next office.

Skanska’s 17&M office building in Washington was designed from the inside out with smart tech, said Mr. Ward, “like building the engine before the car.” The aim of gathering data was to create a continual feedback loop of design improvements.

Tenants will be preoccupied with returning to the office, but the next few months after reopening may be a key decision time for firms curious about this technology.

“It’s the economic proposition,” Mr. Chawla said. “These technologies mean decreased risk, decreased operating expenses and increased rent. They’re not doing it because the tech is cool.”

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