Perennials and Sutherland.

While it is possible to oil or seal teak periodically to keep it looking relatively new, Mr. Sutherland doesn’t recommend it. “The problem with sealing it, or finishing it, is that you always have to do that,” he said, as the finish continually wears off, and you become a servant to maintenance.

Instead, embrace the weathered appearance of the wood. “I personally like it when it gets that silver color,” Mr. Sutherland said. “To keep teak looking fresh and to weather to a beautiful finish, water the furniture once a week. It’s kind of like watering your plants.”

If your teak develops a film of grime, he noted, it’s fine to use detergents or to power wash it.

Amber Freda, a New York-based landscape designer: “On a rooftop or terrace, a lot of people don’t want to worry about the cushions blowing around.” (Ties, of course, can help with that.)

But not all designers are willing to go without. “I love my outdoor furniture to be super comfortable — that’s really the No. 1 ingredient,” Mr. Bullard said. “I tend to use a lot of upholstery. We’ve got so many unbelievable options today, with all these amazing indoor-outdoor fabrics that are very soft and pliable, and come in a million colors and patterns, so you can really give character to a space like never before.”

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