BNR Interiors in Hudson, N.Y., think about offering several different options for warmth: “Some people run hot, some people run cold, so you never know how they’re going to want to sleep.”

When Ms. Fisher prepares a guest room, she said, “there will always be a quilt, a duvet and a blanket,” so that people can adjust their layers.

Pillow preference is another unknown, so it’s helpful to provide multiple sleeping pillows with various levels of firmness — Ms. Caillier typically makes a bed with four — as well as throw pillows that can serve as back support for sitting up in bed.

Whether the bathroom is en suite or down the hall, Ms. Fisher said, it should be well stocked with fresh towels and washcloths. And if the bathroom is shared, guests should have designated towel bars, racks or hooks to keep their bath linens separate — especially with heightened concerns about germs in the midst of the pandemic.

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