And that different story is surprisingly alluring.

“It’s not the houses themselves, it’s who lives there. What made somebody make that decision?” said Ms. More, 34, who lives in Philadelphia, works in communications and started Zillowtastrophes last December. “There is something celebratory in the weirdness or awfulness.”

She finds most of her examples by sifting through listings around the country, narrowing her searches with keywords like “indoor pool,” “castle” or “unique.”

“Every listing that is truly crazy uses the word ‘unique,’” she said.

As baffled as she is by the sheer volume of poor design choices out there, Ms. More also admires the subjects of her videos for their commitment to kitsch. “It’s probably their life’s dream to build a house that looks like a castle, because, honestly, a lot of money went into making your house look like a very mediocre Medieval Times castle,” she said. “And so I’m not going to totally tear it down and say it’s a piece of garbage.”

Madeleine Stearn, 27, who works in digital marketing for a home-renovation company, likens the experience of doom-watching listings to listening to a murder podcast — the deeper you delve into all the pictures, the harder it is too look away. “You might start the tour, things look fairly normal and not outdated, and then there is this turning point where things get very weird,” said Ms. Stearn, who is a fan of several accounts. “With all of these posts, you come away with far more questions than answers, and just these unanswerable questions.”

Ms. Matera, of It’s That Real Estate Chick, sees her role as more of an educator than entertainer for her 350,000 followers. In her day job, Ms. Matera, 34, is a Coldwell Banker Realty saleswoman in Annapolis, Md., and hopes that maybe her video commentary will school a few clueless sellers.

“When you’re living in the house, do what makes you happy,” she said. “But when it comes time to sell, you have to understand that those things are highly distracting to the buyer. When you have a cow kitchen, they’re not focused on how beautiful your woodwork is, how high-quality your cabinets are. They’re going, ‘Holy moly, that’s a lot of cows.’”

And what’s more fun than scrolling through a whole bunch of cows?

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