Mr. Gómez recently completed a 5,000-square-foot residence built right on the sand dunes of Playa Mansa, known for its spectacular sunsets. Including the land, it cost about $4 million.

There are still some opportunities to be found. In La Juanita, a rugged, slowly developing neighborhood just a mile west of the village, plots situated about 900 feet away from the beach cost between $30 and $40 a square foot.

But many buyers, especially foreigners, may not be keen on overlooking a ground-up construction or taking care of home-maintenance logistics. The upcoming Costa Garzón offers both custom-designed homes and condominium-style services like housekeeping, landscaping and more. Conceived by Alejandro Bulgheroni, an Argentine energy magnate who owns a nearby championship golf course and an award-winning winery, Costa Garzón is poised to be the most exclusive development in the area, if not the entire country.

Set right on José Ignacio’s Playa Brava and just a five-minute drive away from the center of the village, this collection of oceanside plots — ranging from 12,000 to 16,000 square feet and starting at $1.7 million — come with an array of extras, including membership to the Garzón Tajamares Golf Club and the Bodega Garzón wine club (where members can create their own wines using varietals from any one of Mr. Bulgheroni’s vineyards in Uruguay, California, Italy, France and Australia.). There will be a beach house with a sit-down restaurant as well as a toes-in-the-sand dining option called El Chiringuito de Mallmann (named for its famed Argentine chef, Francis Mallmann), which had its soft opening in 2020. To build their homes, buyers can hire Costa Garzón’s team or bring their own architect, as long as the design adheres to certain aesthetic guidelines.

While Mr. Bulgheroni caters unmistakably to the jet set, he’s aware of the importance of respecting the pastoral style of the area. “I think this place will continue to attract more people, but it was never meant for people who are formal; it’s relaxed and it’s bucolic.”

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