Morning Consult survey, which also found that interest in the technology remained flat between 2021 and 2022, with a third of respondents saying they are likely to consider induction. Induction ranges are also more expensive than gas, starting at around $1,000, where gas ranges start at around $500.

“The induction stoves are quite expensive now, but they are going to become more inexpensive very soon because that’s where the market is headed,” said Pallavi Mantha, a ​​senior sustainability consultant at Arup, a sustainability and green-building engineering and consultancy. In the meantime, Ms. Mantha sees a need for more public education so that when someone’s stove breaks, they’ll pause before replacing it with another gas model. “There is definitely a lot of education and outreach that needs to happen,” she said.

a single burner. In Jackson Heights, Queens, Alex Armlovich and Erin St. Peter are trying to figure out how to set up an induction hot plate without sacrificing what little counter space they have in their tiny kitchen.

Mr. Armlovich, 31, a senior research associate at the nonprofit Citizens Budget Commission, is excited about the prospect of capping the gas line and no longer having to pay a $17 monthly delivery fee. But Ms. St. Peter, 31, a portfolio manager at the United States Treasury, is trying to figure out how to make it actually fit. The couple could ask the landlord to remove the range from the apartment, leaving a hole in the kitchen where they could slide in a cart or even a dishwasher and put the hot plate on top. But they worry about making too many demands on their landlord.

So instead, Ms. St. Peter, who used to work in scene construction for theater in college, thinks she could build a wooden cover and place it on top of the existing range, creating a cooking shelf. “It’s totally doable,” she said. “It’s just another one of Alex’s ideas that I have to execute.”

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