running for office in 1998, we had an open primary and nobody thought I could win. We ended up winning by 20 points.

Then a recall at the end of the process also didn’t seem fair. But it’s part of the process. Californians for over 100 years have had the right to initiate a recall election. It’s a contact sport. If you don’t like it, run in some other state or find another profession. If you lose the recall, part of your job is to help the next governor.

Arnold Schwarzenegger — we actually have a pretty good relationship, and it’s in part because we worked closely on the transition. We see each other. We keep in touch.

[Read The Los Angeles Times’s editorial board’s appraisal of Mr. Davis’s recall a decade later.]

Do you have any advice for Governor Newsom as he confronts a similar prospect? Is there anything you think he should say in the State of the State to communicate with Californians?

much more Democratic than it was in 2003.

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The New York Times]

  • The Los Angeles County school district is probably a month or more from resuming in-person learning. But with the spring term scheduled to end on June 11, families are coming to terms with the reality that very little of the school year is likely to take place face-to-face. [The New York Times]

  • Want to get the vaccine? A new statewide program called My Turn Volunteer enlists people to lend a hand at vaccine sites, who may become eligible for a shot. [The San Francisco Chronicle]

  • Petaluma is thought to be the first city in the country to ban the construction of new gas stations. Other cities are looking to it as a model. [Petaluma Argus-Courier]

  • about whether America’s infrastructure is ready for a transition to electric vehicles. [The New York Times]

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