The Sheriff’s Office referred questions about the complaints to the Precinct 4 Constable’s Office, a local police agency. A spokeswoman at the office said the Sheriff’s Office would have been in charge of investigating the Arguetas’ complaints.

Sheriff Gonzalez said the Arguetas believed that the man harassing them drove a black Dodge Charger. Mr. Clark was driving a dark gray Dodge Challenger.

After he was shot, Mr. Clark crashed his car into a tree and tried to run away but soon collapsed on the ground.

The mother and son gave conflicting versions of what happened next.

According to the prosecutor’s report, Ms. Argueta approached Mr. Clark as he was on the ground, tapped him with a bat and asked “Who sent you?”

The younger Mr. Argueta initially told investigators that he had shot at the car but later said that it was his father who fired the weapon, according to the report. He told the police that he, his father and his uncle caught up with Mr. Clark after he collapsed on the ground.

Joe Argueta said he asked Mr. Clark who had sent him. “I didn’t do anything to you,” Mr. Clark replied, according to the prosecutor’s report.

When the police arrived, they found Mr. Clark on the ground, still alive. He was flown to a Houston hospital and died two hours later.

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