2016 speech in Havana. Mr. Obama sent his family a condolence letter that remembered his “kindness, exceptional intellect, devotion to faith, and tenacity to fight for a better tomorrow.”

Eleven days before he died, Patrick told a New York Times reporter about the Miami Freedom Project, an initiative he co-founded to advance progressive policies among the city’s immigrants and their descendants, who tend to resist proposals that remind them of the left-wing Latin American governments they left behind.

“This community is all about freedom, especially those that have fled dictatorships,” he said. “It becomes this driving force of your life, or your parents’ and grandparents’ lives.”

Patrick’s siblings sifted through text messages to trace his final days. A physical therapy appointment. The gym. Friday night out with friends. A presidential campaign event for Senator Elizabeth Warren. A prayer group in his apartment the night before he died.

They read and reread the text message to the family group chat about waking up in a cold sweat, short of breath. He thought it was related to stress. That morning — Sunday, March 1 — Rosie called Patrick to ask if he was OK.

might have been caused by the coronavirus. Experts in the United States have said it was likely most of those illnesses in December 2019 and January 2020 were the flu. But by the time Patrick died, it was March, when the virus was already spreading.

Patrick’s siblings felt validated by Dr. Marboe’s report. They publicized it and denounced elected leaders’ failure to alert the public earlier that the virus was likely spreading. They said there was a “high probability” that Patrick had died of Covid-19 because of the “willful negligence” of former President Donald J. Trump, the state and the county, who had failed to warn the public that it was dangerous to continue going about their lives as usual when a deadly virus was on the loose.

“It’s been such an incredible agony, thinking what we could have done differently,” Bibi said. “He would have stopped going to the gym. He would have stopped going to restaurants. He would have gone to the hospital that morning, if we had been aware that the pandemic was already circulating all around the United States.”

After his death, one of Patrick’s nieces enrolled in the University of Miami and campaigned for President Biden, as her uncle might have done. Another niece took a semester off from Tufts University and worked for the Miami Freedom Project. His family and friends dedicated Election Day to him, going precinct to precinct to deliver personal protective equipment, snacks and water.

On Tuesday, the one-year anniversary of his death, the family held a memorial Mass at a chapel at Georgetown University, his alma mater. A musician played “Amazing Grace” and The Beatles’ “Let It Be.” More than 100 people joined on Zoom.

Through tears, Bibi led the prayers of the faithful.

“We lift up a special prayer for everyone who has passed away due to Covid-19,” she said. “Including our dear Patrick.”

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