restrictions on wind instruments in place, forcing some bands that played at the venue Favela Chic that night to change their usual lineup.

Kentucky Shakespeare’s celebration of the playwright on April 23, the anniversary of his death. The annual event was canceled last year.

8.2 million fewer jobs than at the start of the pandemic. The dizzying whipsaw of regulations forced many restaurants to limit capacity and often lay off staff members. Many restrictions are now being lifted, as they have in New York, where indoor dining capacity was recently increased to 75 percent.

Those changes will most likely mean more business for the food industry, but some safety precautions may remain, as they have in other industries.

food industry. Many restaurants drastically changed how they operated. Many others couldn’t survive. In some cases, people clamored for their favorite eateries to reopen, resulting in the kinds of clusters of Covid-19 infections that led to the initial lockdowns.

But, with increased vaccinations and restrictions rolled back in most states, Americans are breaking bread together again.

competitions to halt last spring. Play eventually resumed, sometimes with profound changes, like professional athletes retreating into “bubbles” meant to protect them from the threat of infection.

Convoluted regulations have begun to recede for younger athletes who often risked infection for the social, emotional and academic benefits of competition.

Kreed Sanderson, a high school student, wrestled a steer at the Idaho District 7 seasonal rodeo April 24. Fewer spectators watched last year’s rodeo in early May when the state was reporting close to 30 new virus cases a day.

gyms are easing too. In Connecticut, where Ester Sanches-Naek ran on a treadmill in an empty Club Fitness, capacity limits were lifted in March. Still, few have returned to her gym amid a boom in outdoor running.

continuously since 1962. Until last year, the Akron championship races hadn’t been canceled since World War II.

truncated season.

drove many early infections. But ritual remained a powerful draw, especially in a difficult time, and the Supreme Court repeatedly struck down such restrictions. On April 9, the court struck down California’s rules against religious gatherings in private homes.

never leave us.

But after a year, grief and fear have begun to give way to optimism. There’s a path back now, to the lives we knew, to something closer to normal.

Top photographs: Columbus, Ohio: Maddie McGarvey; Arthur, N.D.: Tim Gruber; Burbank, Calif.: Philip Cheung; El Paso: Ivan Pierre Aguirre; New York: An Rong Xu; Chicago: Taylor Glascock; Knoxville, Tenn.: Shawn Poynter; Rigby, Idaho: Natalie Behring; Waterford, Miss.: Timothy Ivy; Ronan, Montana: Tailyr Irvine.

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