Asked for their thoughts on 15 political and social issues, respondents were most likely to rate the affordability of health care as a very serious problem, according to the poll. Fifty-six percent said so, with another 30 percent saying it was a moderately big problem.

The Biden administration has not put health care at the top of its priorities list, partly an acknowledgment of how thorny the issue has been for previous presidents, and of how divided Democrats remain on whether to push for a single-payer system.

But concerns about health costs decisively outpaced other issues, including the federal debt (49 percent), illegal immigration (48 percent), gun violence (48 percent) and the coronavirus outbreak (47 percent) in terms of the share of Americans calling the matter a big issue.

The poll was conducted from April 5 to 11 and reached 5,109 respondents via Pew’s American Trends Panel, which uses a probability-based model to draw a sample that is representative of the national population.

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