recorded a video adaptation of the hit song “My Shot,” rewriting the lyrics to promote the importance of getting a Covid-19 vaccine shot.

“Yo, I treat the infectious,” one doctor raps. “We’ve vaccinated safely now with decades of practice. Now MMR and polio are things of the past. We’ll have a blast beating this Covid at last.”

Dr. Tony Berger, a Davis physician who helped organize the video, said a colleague, Dr. Andrew Liu, composed new lyrics to the song from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical in November, to help reassure people nervous about the vaccines. They then decided to recruit other doctors to turn it into a full-blown public health message, building on the popularity of the hashtag #notthrowingawaymyshot.

“What else is going to end this pandemic?” Dr. Berger said. “The vaccines are the only way. Otherwise this pandemic is going to come roaring back.”

All the performers recorded their parts separately for safety, except for the dance finale, where everyone wore face shields. They posted their creation online last week. Were you forwarded this email? Sign up for California Today here and read every edition online here.

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