In addition to an investigation in Manhattan, the New York attorney general, Letitia James, is poised to bring a civil action in her investigation of fraudulent and misleading business practices by the Trump Organization, her staff has said in court. A judge recently held Mr. Trump in contempt in that case for failing to fully comply with a subpoena and began fining him $10,000 a day.

The district attorney’s office in Westchester County is looking into financial matters related to a golf course Mr. Trump’s company owns. And a federal grand jury has been empaneled to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by Trump supporters.

interview last month with The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ms. Willis said she would wait until after Georgia’s May 24 primary election to bring witnesses to testify before the special grand jury in an effort to avoid the appearance of her seeking to influence state politics.

tele-rally” on Monday evening for Mr. Kemp’s opponent, former Senator David Perdue, who has falsely claimed that Mr. Kemp allowed “radical Democrats to steal our election.”

Security at the downtown courthouse on Monday was tight, with streets around the court complex closed to traffic, and a heavy law enforcement presence inside and outside the buildings.

In January, Ms. Willis wrote to the F.B.I. that her office had received communications from “persons unhappy with our commitment to fulfill our duties,” and asked the F.B.I. to provide “intelligence and federal agents” for the courthouse. Ms. Willis said the security concerns had been “escalated” by comments Mr. Trump made at an event in Texas in which he called the prosecutors focusing on him “vicious, horrible people” who were “racist” and “mentally sick” and unfairly targeting him.

Ms. Willis noted that Mr. Trump called for large protests in Atlanta and elsewhere if prosecutors illegally pursued him.

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