Laura Remigio, 35, a makeup artist and stylist who said she was almost hit by a car while visiting a client in East New York, said that drivers go too fast and have cut her off in the crosswalk. “It’s supposed to be people first and the cars wait — and they don’t wait,” she said. “I’m running because the cars don’t stop.”

But Ian Johnson, 67, a driver from New Jersey, said that some pedestrians also need to pay more attention. He said he often has to honk at people who don’t look as they cross or are on their phones “when they almost walk into my vehicle.”

Mr. Candelario, whose auto repair shop is steps away from the billboard, said he hoped the billboard would finally get the attention of drivers.

“It’s an eye opener and it makes you think,” he said. “You’ve got to be hard. You’ve got to put a little fear in it.”

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