a Seurat painting on display at the Art Institute — silently warning residents to stay in their homes. And even as crises have piled up, some have noted the scale of the challenges she inherited and the uncertainty wrought by the pandemic.

“The compassion part of it speaks to me — you can see that it’s genuine,” said Joseph Gilmore, whose 33-year-old son, Travell, was among the hundreds killed in Chicago last year.

Mr. Gilmore said he and his son, a bartender with an outgoing personality who doted on his young daughter, talked regularly about the city’s seemingly inescapable violence. But despite the tragedy in his own family, Mr. Gilmore said that he remained an enthusiastic supporter of Ms. Lightfoot, and that it was not fair to expect her to single-handedly fix the violence.

“The stuff she is saying to you, it doesn’t sound like a whole bunch of smoke,” Mr. Gilmore said. “She comes off like the authority she is.”

an initiative to develop pockets of the South and West Sides that have languished for decades. Last summer, the minimum wage in Chicago was raised to $15 for most workers, an effort Ms. Lightfoot championed.

said this month that officials in Ms. Lightfoot’s office had made false or unfounded statements about the incident, which occurred not long before her administration took office, and that city agencies had “prioritized communications and public relations concerns over the higher mission of city government.”

The fatal shooting of a 13-year-old boy, Adam Toledo, by a Chicago police officer last year generated nationwide outrage. Miles from the scene of the shooting, protesters marched in Ms. Lightfoot’s neighborhood on the Northwest Side.

Carlos Ramirez-Rosa, a Chicago alderman, described Ms. Lightfoot’s tenure as “chaotic.”

“One of the hallmarks of her approach has been to take things very personal,” he said, “and to engage in combat when, in fact, there is a path toward collaboration.”

She has seen high turnover among key advisers at City Hall, and aides have grumbled about a difficult work environment and a testy mayor who is known to berate subordinates. Despite the city’s mounting problems, Ms. Lightfoot has left crucial administrative positions vacant, including her deputy mayor of public safety, a job that was left unfilled for months until last May.

And last fall, the head of Chicago’s largest police union openly defied Ms. Lightfoot on her order that all city employees report their vaccination status — a conflict that laid bare the tensions between the mayor and rank-and-file officers.

Violence in Chicago is a pressing concern, as carjackings, shootings and homicides all spiked in 2020 and 2021.

On Wednesday night, a police officer on patrol downtown shot a man. The authorities said that the man was inside a vehicle taken in a carjacking, and that someone in the car had fired at the police. Days earlier, an 8-year-old girl was shot and killed while crossing a street with her mother in the Little Village neighborhood; a 16-year-old was later charged with murder.

Donovan Price, a pastor who goes to shooting scenes to assist victims’ families, said his work felt particularly bleak in the past year.

“The amount of children shot in general, the amount of mass shootings, just the feel that things were out of control,” said Mr. Price, who lives on the South Side.

Mr. Price said that trust between the police and residents had not improved, and that Ms. Lightfoot had not placed enough of a priority on reducing violence and restoring order.

“It’s a wild scene,” he said. “And when it’s this wild and people are getting shot at this frequency, of all ages, then you have to look and say, ‘Well, what is being done about it?’”

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