James Herbert of CBS Sports writes, as the teams repeatedly fouled each other and called timeouts to stop the clock from running down.

told WBUR-FM in Boston.

Fed up with the end-of-game drudgery, Elam has devised a new way to end basketball games. His system calls for the clock to be turned off in the final minutes. A target score would be set — say, 10 points above the leading team’s score — and the first team to reach that number would win.

The system would make clock-stopping fouls pointless and guarantee that the game ends on a made shot.

The Elam Ending, as it’s now known, is catching on: An annual competition, the Basketball Tournament, adopted it a few years ago; there, it caught the attention of the N.B.A., which has used it in the past two All-Star Games — to rave reviews.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” LeBron James said after last year’s All-Star Game. “But throughout the whole fourth quarter and at the end of the game, everybody was like, ‘That was pretty damn fun.’” — Tom Wright-Piersanti

Saturday Night Live” celebrated Passover and Maya Rudolph hosted.

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