Soon after, Mr. McAtee fired a shot from the doorway of YaYa’s. Then a second shot.

Mr. Wine said those two shots led the officers and National Guard members to open fire.

“After McAtee’s first shot, members of LMPD switched from non-lethal weapons such as pepper ball guns to service weapons and the National Guard soldiers armed their M-4 rifles,” Mr. Wine said. After Mr. McAtee’s second shot, he said, they returned fire.

Marvin McAtee, Mr. McAtee’s nephew, said he helped run the barbecue restaurant with his uncle, who lived in the building’s basement. Marvin McAtee said he was in the restaurant that night but did not see his uncle shoot.

“There’s no way he had a clear vision of the police from there,” he said of his uncle. “He had no intention of shooting at no police.”

According to Mr. Wine, Officer Crews fired eight shots; Officer Austin Allen fired one; the National Guard soldier Andrew Kroszkewicz fired four shots; and Staff Sgt. Matthew Roark of the National Guard fired six times.

Evidence of the shooting included surveillance video from inside YaYa’s, Mr. Wine said. He said that Officer Crews and Officer Allen had not activated their body cameras.

A laboratory analyzed four fragments from the bullet that struck Mr. McAtee in the chest and determined it “could have been fired from either of the Kentucky National Guard’s Colt rifles.” But the fragments were “too damaged” to identify which National Guard member fired the shot, Mr. Wine said.

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