Mr. Litton won narrowly. But he announced in March that he would not seek a second one-year term.

published a 205-page version of that list in May, which its chairman, Rolland Slade, described as “an initial, but important, step towards addressing the scourge of sexual abuse and implementing reform in the Convention.” It also announced the creation of a confidential hotline for victims and others to submit allegations of abuse within the organization, which it described as a “stopgap.” The hotline is maintained by Guidepost Solutions, the company that produced the report.

On Monday evening, Mr. Ascol spoke to some 100 supporters who had gathered under towering palm trees in front of the convention center. Ethan Hardy, a seminary student, had car-pooled with two others from his church in Oregon to vote for Mr. Ascol. His concerns about the denomination included what he described as a creeping tolerance for women as pastors — which the denomination forbids — and a declining commitment in seminaries to the truth of the Bible.

Mr. Hardy was not convinced his candidate would win. But it was important to him to come and be heard.

“In the Southern Baptist Convention, there is a divide,” he said. “It’s God’s will for us to be here and take a stand for righteousness.”

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