serving a life sentence for the 2003 killing of the leader of the Genovese crime family in Springfield. Mr. DeCologero is also still in the federal prison system, though in a different location, according to federal prosecutors.

At the Hazelton prison, Mr. Bulger was housed in the same unit as Mr. Geas, who was cellmates with Mr. McKinnon, of Montpelier, Vt.. Mr. Bulger had initially been assigned to a cell with Mr. DeCologero, but was soon reassigned.

Later in the day after Mr. Bulger’s killing, Mr. Geas, Mr. DeCologero, Mr. McKinnon and Mr. Bulger’s cellmate, Felix Wilson, were sent to solitary confinement, according to records.

Mr. Bulger was accused of playing a role in the killings of 19 people and had spent 16 years on the run when he was arrested in Santa Monica, Calif., in 2011. Mr. Bulger, who had been working as an F.B.I. informant, disappeared in 1995 after a retired F.B.I. agent told him of an imminent indictment. He remained elusive, despite a $2 million reward for his capture, the largest ever for a domestic target.

safe haven for inmates needing additional protection, like those who had worked as informants. But after confrontations with prison staff, he spent a number of months in solitary confinement and was eventually transferred to the Hazelton prison.

several prison workers questioned why his transfer to Hazelton, which housed inmates tied to organized crime, was approved, and why Hazelton staff members placed Mr. Bulger in the general inmate population.

In January, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the administrator of Mr. Bulger’s estate that argued that he was not adequately protected by the federal Bureau of Prisons when he was transferred to the Hazelton prison, which the lawsuit described as understaffed and plagued by violence.

Mr. Bulger’s many victims met gruesome ends, including being strangled or bound in chains and shot at close range. Victims were buried in shallow graves, in marshes or under the dirt floors of basements.

After the killing, Mr. Bulger was known to nap while others cleaned up, which included removing victims’ teeth to prevent identification.

Of the 19 people whom Mr. Bulger was accused of playing a role in killing, some were members of rival gangs; others were innocent bystanders caught in deadly firefights. One victim, Michael Donahue, was killed in a spray of gunfire when he offered a ride to a neighbor whom Mr. Bulger wanted dead. Another victim, Edward Connors, a witness to a separate murder, was shot in a setup at a gas station.

Glenn Thrush contributed reporting.

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