Other footage from later in the response showed Ranger Kindell inside the school conferring with Border Patrol agents who would later lead the team that confronted the gunman. Even after hearing additional gunfire inside the classrooms, the team did not go in for nearly 30 more minutes.

Mr. McCraw said on Thursday that the Texas Rangers, a division of his agency that has been leading the state’s investigation into the shooting, would be finishing its work before the end of the year and sending the results to the local district attorney. He suggested that officers could face charges for their roles in the case, depending on what the investigation showed.

“The district attorney is going to review every officer in that hallway for criminal culpability,” he said.

He said the ultimate decision on charges could stretch longer than two months in part because the autopsies of the victims had not been completed. “That’s critical to this thing,” Mr. McCraw said. “The question is how many kids did die in that room, or teachers died, because they missed that magic hour,” when medical intervention could have saved them, he said.

After speaking for about 13 minutes, Mr. McCraw invited the victims’ relatives and others who had already spoken to respond to him.

Mr. Cross jumped up. “You said that you would resign if there was any culpability,” he said.

“If D.P.S. as an institution failed the city of Uvalde, I would be glad to,” Mr. McCraw said.

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like you’re going to do that because you keep talking in circles,” Mr. Cross said. “I lost my damn son. Your anger is not going to match mine, man.”

He then pressed him further.

“Are you a man of your word?”


“Then resign.”

“Thank you,” Mr. McCraw replied.

Mr. Gutierrez then returned to the microphone to directly address Mr. McCraw. Referring to videos from the shooting that he was able to review as a legislator, Mr. Gutierrez said that a critical moment came when a tactical officer from Border Patrol arrived and said he had a Border Patrol Tactical Unit that was headed toward Uvalde, 45 minutes away.

“That turned into this: We’re waiting on BORTAC. We’re waiting for a federal agency that doesn’t have jurisdiction to come in and do our jobs,” Mr. Gutierrez said. “That’s what happened on that day and you know it.”

“I don’t disagree with that characterization,” Mr. McCraw said. “And I’ll tell you this: It was an abject failure.”

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