a Los Angeles Times report weeks after the crash.

15.5 million followers, attorneys on both sides showed photos from it.

Mira Hashmall, an attorney for the county, asked Ms. Bryant about her posts promoting the latest releases from Granity Studios, her husband’s production company. She also asked about a series of trusts and companies now in Ms. Bryant’s control.

“It sounds like, on top of everything, you’re juggling a business empire,” Ms. Hashmall said.

“I wouldn’t say juggling,” Ms. Bryant replied.

Ms. Hashmall also asked Ms. Bryant about other sources of painful images, such as news media. She suggested that for someone whose preference was to keep many personal matters private, it must have been difficult to sit through a trial in which so many of those memories were aired in a public forum.

“I’m willing to go to hell and back to get justice for my family,” Ms. Bryant said.

Jonathan Abrams and Douglas Morino contributed reporting.

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