school testing and rental assistance.

“to get the county out of the vaccine business.”

As the board weighed whether to take the money at a meeting, Mr. Crosby reminded the county’s public health director that he had supported anti-Covid efforts earlier in the pandemic. But now?

true electors despite President Biden’s win in the state. And Ms. Judd and her family traveled to Washington in January 2021 to join the rally against certifying the presidential election. (She later told The Tucson Sentinel that she never entered the Capitol building and posted a statement on Facebook condemning the rioters and violence.)

Ann English, an 80-year-old rancher and retired school administrator, was the lone “yes” vote for taking the $1.9 million. Ms. English, a Democrat, said the vote and the anger catalyzed by Covid that is swirling through the country reflected how deeply misinformation and divisions were now sown into the soil of local politics.

“I don’t understand why anyone would want us to turn down money that would help keep people safer,” Ms. English said. “This is health we’re talking about.”

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