general counsel for the Army at the time, said Mr. Walker immediately tightened up fitness and punctuality requirements.

“He got lots of complaints, but he held people to a high standard,” Colonel Matthews recalled. “He’s a classic guy in a conservative mold. He’s a very serious guy who loves the Army and loves the country. Not many people can say they were appointed by both Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi. He’s a straight arrow. But he’s also a guy who speaks truth to power.”

he called “unusual” restrictions placed on the National Guard that day. He detailed how he had not received approval to mobilize troops to respond to the riot until more than three hours after he had requested it, and said military officials had expressed concerns about the “optics” of sending troops to the Capitol.

The violent rampage that unfolded over nearly five hours caused injuries to nearly 140 police officers. At least five people died during the attack and its immediate aftermath.

“Seconds mattered,” he testified. “Minutes mattered.”

Mr. Walker said the events of that day, with a mob attacking police as symbols of racism and white supremacy were paraded through the Capitol, still haunted him.

“It’s a mystery to me how in 2021, we could still have this division and deep-seated hatred,” he said. “If you study some of those that were arrested, some just got here. Some of them just became American. Somebody who just gets to America has a problem with me? That’s troublesome. I’ve been here.”

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