sent supplies late on Sunday evening, but Chamarajanagar district officials said none arrived at the hospital.

Rani, 28, a staff nurse and the wife of Sureendra, who was in the I.C.U., said she spoke to her husband around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday when he was eating dinner and sounded fine, she said.

But around 11:30 p.m., he called his wife, gasping for breath, she said.

“Please come here, I don’t want to die without seeing your face,” he said.

Rani, said she was shocked and called hospital authorities, who said they would arrange the oxygen soon. She called her husband again and told him to do breathing exercises and try to lay face down.

She asked neighbors to accompany her to the hospital, a journey of 45 minutes from their village home, but they refused, saying it was risky to travel at night.

When she arrived at the hospital her, father-in-law told her she was now a widow. Her husband had died early on Monday, during that 10-hour period when the hospital was out of oxygen.

“God has been very unkind and cruel to me.” she said. “The happiness he gave me briefly has been snatched from me.”

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