suspended the use of one of the continent’s primary vaccines, from AstraZeneca, citing concerns about blood clots.

But the evidence that the vaccine causes clots is thin. Europe’s main drug regulator still says the benefits outweigh the risks. And Ann Taylor, AstraZeneca’s chief medical officer, has pointed out that the rate of clotting among vaccinated Europeans is lower than “would be expected among the general population.”

struggling more than any other country to contain Covid. Today, Europe appears to be in much worse shape.

Jelani Cobb has spurred a debate: Is the Republican Party endangered?

it’s Russians.

Lives Lived: Nicknamed the Queen of Dreams, Dr. Rosalind D. Cartwright studied the role of dreaming in divorce-induced depression, worked with sleep apnea patients and helped open one of the first sleep disorder clinics. She died at 98.

a timeline of some of the most significant moments in its history, including:

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