Are they warming the planet?

Lives Lived: The anthropologist Marshall D. Sahlins explored how individuals shape and are shaped by their cultures, a point he put in practice as the inventor of the “teach-in” against the Vietnam War. Sahlins died at 90.

said on “Fresh Air” last year.

Here’s a Times review.)

“It was so much fun, maybe more fun than I ever had in my life, because we were inventing something new with almost no resources,” Stamberg said in an interview with Next Avenue.

Read more: An excerpt from Napoli’s book tells the story of NPR’s first pledge drive.

What to Cook

pasta primavera with asparagus is a celebration of spring.

In times of uncertainty, trivia has the power to provide answers.

After Anthony Bourdain’s death, his longtime assistant was left to finish his last book. “World Travel: An Irreverent Guide” comes out next week, and it’s “an enduring embodiment of Anthony Bourdain’s love for the whole world,” Sebastian Modak writes in The Times.

The hosts got serious about police brutality.

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