what New York’s burlesque performers are missing.

Modern Love: She tried to keep her expectations in check. Would that make it hurt less?

Lives Lived: Jessica Walter’s acting career included roles on Broadway and an Emmy-winning turn on the 1970s show “Amy Prentiss.” But she may be best known as the martini-swilling matriarch of the Bluth family on “Arrested Development.” Walter died at 80.

completing violin sonata fragments that the composer left behind.

Posthumous completions aren’t uncommon in classical music. But Jones’s latest effort comes with a twist: He made multiple completed versions of each fragment, each emphasizing different aspects of Mozart’s style.

He also benefited from recent research that helped put a more accurate date on Mozart’s compositions. “Having a precise sense of the context for these fragments is what let me ask detailed hypothetical questions about what his compositional strategy might have been,” Jones told The Times. “What was he working on, listening to, his compositional interests? That was key, because his style is still evolving really quite fast up until he died, in 1791.”

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Here’s today’s Mini Crossword, and a clue: Enlightened (five letters).

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